Chilli Eating Competition

How to enter the 2017 awards

The UK chilli world is growing in confidence and the National Chilli Awards is the outward
manifestation of this and the standard-bearer of UK chilli companies and their products.  One
only needs glance at the Guild of Fine Foods Awards to see just how many chilli products have
won awards so it is right that we should have our own celebration.

Many of you will have entered in previous years (and some of you will have won) but for many others this will be the first opportunity to enter the Awards.

Here are some rules about the competition.

1)  You can only enter 1 product per category.  All products must be available on the retail market. Only registered producers with the relevant food certification are eligable for entry. To enter each category there is a charge of £10.00 and the supply of 2 sauces to be used as tasters. Please make sure that your product is entered in the right category.  The organisers can move the entry to a different category at their own discretion if required.  Entries along with samples must be sent by 9th September 2017 for all other categories.

Send to: Fiery Foods UK Ltd. 17, Lodge Close, Portslade, Brighton. BN41 2PZ.

2)  Each product will be tasted blind by a panel of judges who will taste separately and make their own decision before coming to a decision as a group.  The judges’ decision is, of course, final. 

3)  BEST UK CHILLI SHOP and GROWER categories may receive entries by the named company or by nomination from another company.  The entry must be accompanied by supporting written evidence (website, photos, affidavits, etc)

4)  The announcement of the winners in each category will take place at the award ‘ceremony’ at approximately 2pm on the Saturday afternoon of the festival in Brighton.

5)  Winners will receive a trophy and certificate plus prominent display and promotion on the Fiery Foods web site, any media exposure that may result, plus artwork to put onto product labels.

Please note, there is a change of categories, Best Naga is now Best Super Hot.

The categories for the National Chilli Awards 2017 are:

  1. Best Chilli Jam/Chutney
  2. Best Chilli Pickle or Mustard
  3. Best Chilli Drink (Non Alcoholic & Alcoholic)
  4. Best Chilli Chocolate/Confectionery/Snack
  5. Best Chilli Marinade
  6. Best Chilli Oil 
  7. Best Chilli Rub or Spice Blend
  8. Best Mild Hot Sauce (Non Extract)
  9. Best Medium Hot Sauce (Non Extract)
10. Best Super Hot Sauce (Non Extract)
11. Best Extreme Hot Sauce (With Extract)
12. Best New Chilli Product of 2016  
13. Best UK Chilli Shop (Retail & Online) 
14. Best UK Chilli Grower / UK Chilli Farm

National Chilli Awards 2017 The Professionals

Click on the logo to download an entry form for the National Chilli Awards 2017 - The Professionals - and send it back to or by post with your entry products to:  Fiery Foods UK Ltd, 17 Lodge Close, Portslade, Brighton. BN41 2PZ. Good Luck!

NCA entry form professionals



Congratulations to all the entrants in 2016

An amazingly high standard of entries, it makes it all worth while.


Winners and categories are below:

Best Jam, Smokey Carter with Smoky Chipotle Chilli Jam, runner up was Sweet Heat Chilli with their Mixed Fruit Preserve.

Best Pickle/Mustard, winner was Daddy Cools with Garlic and Papaya Pickle and close second was Love-Pickle with their Premium Chilli Tomato Pickle, Extra Hot.

Best Drink, won by Brew Dog with Neon Overlord and the runner up was The Chilli Jam Man and his Hot Shots Chilli Vodka.

Best Confectionery, winner was Chimoulis, who won best new product last year with this delicious sauce, Chilli Salted Caramel. Grim Reaper Foods came second with Purgatory, white chocolate.

Best BBQ/Marinade, The Chilli Jam Man won this year with Rib Tickler No.2. Grim Reaper scooped the runners up price with Wraith.

Best Oil, won by Grim Reaper with Incinerator and another new entrant, Bang Bang Oil came second with Bang Bang Oil!

Best Spice Blend/Rub, Daddy Cool's Smokey Chipotle Dry Rub, closely followed by Burning Desire's new Coffee and Chilli Rub.

Now for the sauces.

Best Mild Sauce was won by Sweet Heat Chilli, their Mint And Coriander a popular winner and closely followed by The Smokey Carter and their Piri Piri Ketchup. 

Best Medium Sauce, new to the scene, Prices Spices took the top spot with Haitan Sensation and also new to the industry, Mr & Mrs B's Seriously Buzzin' Hot Sauce and their Hardcore Hen.

Best Super Hot entries this year were sent to Warwick University to be checked for their Scoville count before being judged for flavour. The sauce that did the best for heat and flavour was Burning Desire's Critical Mass, with a Scoville rating of 14,864! Runner up was Sweet Heat Chilli and their sauce HabbaNagga. This sauce was rated at 6,524 Scovilles.

Now, neither of these sauces were the hottest tested, but the competition was about heat and flavour, a hard balancing act to achieve.

Extreme winner, they won this category last year too, Was Grim Reaper Foods with their Evil One and last years runner up and this years too, Burning Desire with Five Finger Death Punch. Two very consistent players!

This years Best New Product was championed by last years winner, Chimoulis but with a new version of that product, Reaper Chilli Salted Caramel. The runner up spot was taken by Prices Spices with their Keralan Lemon Pickle.

The Best Shop was won by Hotheadz, one of the most well known chilli companies out there, still doing an amazing job of promoting their own and other high quality brands on their site

The Best Grower, winner last year too, Edible Ornamentals. Consistent quality makes them a must for many sauce growers needing the finest chillies for their products.

Well thats all of them for last year, here's to this year and keeping this industry in the UK maturing and growing to be the best in the world!

Ted Barrus and Mrs Chutney
Carl Anderson and Mrs Chutney
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