FFUK Chilli-Eating Contest 2019

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Pain or Pleasure - chilli-eating fun at Fiery Foods Festival

To register click on the picture of pain, download the form and return it to: karl@fieryfoods.uk

Don't wait until September - sign up right now to be a in with a chance to be a contestant in the FFUK Infamous Chilli-Eating Contest.  Go head to head with the maddest and baddest chilliheads in the country - and outside it.  How far are you willing to go into the realms of pain for money?  Yes, we are giving away gifts galore and a beautiful trophy for the experience of your lifetime (you will only want to do this once, believe me).  Your pain is our pleasure!

We will have a maximum of 12 people per contest - if we have too many your name will be put on the waiting list but have no fear (actually have a whole lot of fear) you might well be called up.

Before registering, please do read and sign the side effects and health questionnaire.


side effects

Please click on the photo to download the side effects doc.  Please read and digest (not literally of course) before signing up.

Fiery Foods UK Chilli-Eating Contest Brighton 2010
FFUK Chilli-Eating Contest Sunday 19th Part 1
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