Chilli Eating Competition

Victoria Gardens, Brighton


For lots of pictures of the chilli-eating contests go to the chilli-eating page


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The humble naga
Citlalli and Dany handing out samples of Mexican food
Ahh - James and Amy from
Ahh - Darth and Alli from
Trees Can't Dance win the Chilli Jam category of NCA
Fallen Angel win with Black Death
Chilli Jam Man - Best Naga Sauce
Gaby's Hot Stuff - Best Sauce with Extract
Sinful Sauces win 2 categories - Best Label and Best Newcomer
Edible Ornamentals - Best Chilli Grower
Chillipepperpete wins Best Chilli Company
CPP abusing the audience with Trinidad Scorpions!
Lovely band!
Chilli dog!
Go on - I dare you!
Go on then!
You didn't want to do that!
Two evil chilliheads are better than one
Gaby looking lush as always
Getting crowded!
Jenny wowing the crowd with Sichuan food
Behind the scenes!
Aw, sweet - gonna be chilli tattoos next year!
Try before you buy
Amateur Sauce Contest - test on children first
If the child is still standing it's not hot enough!
Another really good band!
Hard at work
It hurts!
Such dedication!
Harry McCormick wins the Amateur Sauce Contest
More music!
Mexican mariarchi player
AP sending Jason around the world!
You're smiling now Harry - wait for the chilli-eating!
Sun at last
Go on try it- it's not hot, honest!
Which of these reprobates do you want to sacrifice first?
You think you're safe behind your camera?
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