Exhibit and Sell at Brighton’s Hottest Food Festival


If you have a chilli-related product, or are involved in producing spicy food of any kind, then this Festival is a must for you.  

Now into its 12th year, this is the only Festival of its kind in Brighton and for the first time this year will be held beside Brighton’s iconic i360.

The event always draws large crowds and will be covered extensively by the media. There will be a programme of events for all three days with music and performances, competitions and the ever popular chilli-eating competition. If you are a producer you will also be able to enter your product for the National Chilli Awards which will be judged at the show.


Exhibitor information 

1) Please submit your booking form asap as we have limited space and there is already a high demand for pitches.

2) You will need to bring your own gazebo or marquee. The venue is hard standing, so please bring   weights to retain your gazebo.

3) We require a 25% deposit upon receipt of invoice.

4) No alcohol can be sold without prior approval 

5) All gas/electrical appliances need to be correctly certified (PAT tested). Certificates must be brought to the show in order to trade. Our electrical contractor reserves the right to refuse to connect any item they deem unacceptable. Connections will only be made upon receipt of the voucher, supplied with your booking confirmation.

6) T & C’s will be sent with your booking confirmation invoice. 

7) Any questions please email tam@fieryfoods.uk or call Karl Muzio on 07789 888025



1.1 The submission of an application form implies acceptance of these terms and conditions and any addition, variation or amendment as is reasonably required.
1.2 “Organiser” means Fiery Foods UK Ltd,  (company number 9409137), its employees, contractors and agents.
1.3 “The Venue” means Victoria Gardens, Brighton.
1.4 “The Event” means the Fiery Food Festival.
1.5 “Stallholder”, “Trader” or “Exhibitor” means any person or organisation allocated space to trade at the Event.
1.6 Acceptance by the Organiser of a Trader’s application grants the Traders licence to trade at the Event on the following terms and conditions. Any violation of these terms and conditions will
render this Licence null and void, and in that event, the Organiser reserves the right to remove
the Trader and any of their possessions from the Venue without compensation or refund of the
Licence fee.
1.7  The Organiser reserves the right to refuse any application, or part thereof, without stating a
reason. In this instance, all fees paid will be refunded.
1.8 Once a Trader’s application has been accepted there are no refunds. The Event will go ahead whatever the weather unless cancelled by the Organiser.
1.9 In all instances the Organiser’s decision is final.


2.1 Public car parks are available within close proximity to the event.
2.2. Event opening hours are as follows: open to the public at 10.00 am on each day.
2.3 Setting up times for traders are as follows:
2.3.1 All Traders must be set up with all vehicles removed from public walkways by 9.00am and ready to trade at 10.00 am the Saturday morning of the event.
2.4 Breakdown and clearance are during the following times: 18.30 onwards, Sunday of the event and from 07.00 Monday, immediately after the event.
2.5 Traders, their vehicles, staff, equipment and merchandise must vacate the site by 10.00
on the Monday immediately after the weekend of the event.
2.6 Any stock or equipment etc remaining after the clearance times may be repositioned,
removed, stored or destroyed by the Organiser, at the discretion of the Organiser, and
at the expense of the Trader.


3.1 The Trader shall not extend beyond the agreed pitch size.
3.2 Pitches will be allocated on arrival. Traders will be emailed setup instructions nearer to the time of the Event including who to contact regarding setup.
3.3 The allocation and position of space is entirely at the Organiser’s discretion.
3.4 All Traders will be charged a pitch fee to trade during the Event. The fee for each pitch include wristbands for staff members and traders are asked  to include the number of staff assisting them within the Application Form. If further wristbands are required the distribution of these is at the Organiser’s discretion.
3.6 Traders may not subcontract any part of their stalls.
3.7 The Venue has a reputation for quality and Traders’ stands should be well presented and reflect the theme of the Event.

3.8 Stands must display a business name (at least) and (preferably) a telephone number and/or
web/postal address should be displayed.
3.9 The use of loudspeakers and public address equipment is prohibited.
3.10 Sales by auction are prohibited.
3.11 The use of individual generators for power supply is strictly forbidden.
3.12 The Trader must only sell goods specified in their application. Any changes to the application form must be made in writing at least two weeks prior to the start of the Event.
3.13 Traders may only sell food if registered as Food Traders.
3.14 The Organiser reserves the right to demand the removal from sale of any item deemed unsuitable for the Event without paying any compensation to the Trader.
3.15 Traders are responsible for “policing” the products that they are selling or sampling. It is a
Trader’s responsibility to ensure that the public are aware of any adverse consequences that
sampling products may result in. This is especially important in relation to any particularly hot
sauces marketed.


4.1Submission of an application form does not guarantee attendance at the Event. The Organiser will select Traders based on their suitability for the Event and their likely appeal to visitors. The Organiser’s decision is final in this regard and no reasons for the rejection of an application will be given.
4.2 If selected to attend the Event, the Trader will be invoiced the booking fee.
4.3 The balance of the booking fee must be paid by 1st July, 2018. Payment of the booking fee confirms acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
4.4 Once the deposit has been paid there are no refunds. The Event will go ahead whatever the
weather unless cancelled by the Organiser. If the Event is cancelled, prior to the commencement of trading taking place, by the Organiser, the Trader’s pitch fees will be refunded.The Organiser will not be liable for any other losses or costs incurred by the Trader.
4.5 Pitches can only be booked for the duration of the entire show, subject to the restriction on
opening hours outlined in section C of the application form.
4.6 Payment by BACS/Bank Transfer is preferred to:

Barclays Bank,139/142 North Street,Brighton,East Sussex,BN1 1RU 
Account Name  Fiery Foods UK Ltd
Account Number  03197840
Sort Code  20-12-80

If payment by BACS/Transfer is not possible, a cheque for the payment should be made out to
Fiery Foods UK Ltd and sent to 17, Lodge Close, Portslade, Brighton, BN41 2PZ
4.7 The Organiser reserves the right to refuse any application, or part thereof, at any time, without stating a reason.


5.1 Whilst the Venue and Organiser have comprehensive public liability insurance, Traders are
required to hold current public and product liability insurance, with cover of at least £3 million.
5.2 Traders will not be permitted on site if the Organiser has not received a copy of the Trader’s
Public Liability Insurance certificate for £3 million (minimum) in advance. If the policy expires
between the date of the application and the date of the Event, please submit a copy of the current policy and then submit a copy of the new policy as soon as it is available.
5.3 The full cost of making good any damage caused by a Trader, their employees, contractors and agents will be met by that Trader.
5.4 It is the responsibility of each individual Trader and their staff to ensure that their stall is safe-e.g. electrical installations, stability of heavy equipment and articles and other hazards. The Organiser reserves the right to insist upon the repositioning or removal of any item that is deemed to be unsafe. Traders are reminded of their responsibilities under Health and Safety Law.
5.5 Any Trader demonstrating potentially hazardous skills or showing potentially hazardous goods must be able to demonstrate to the Organiser (if requested) that a proper Risk Assessment has been carried out.
5.6 The Trader will indemnify and keep indemnified the Organiser against all actions, proceedings, costs, claims and demands which may be brought or made against the Organiser in respect of personal injury and damage to property arising directly out of the activities in connection with the Event, legal liability of the Organiser excepted.
5.7 In the event of any abandonment, postponement or limitation of the Event, or of services thereto, there shall be no claim against the Organiser.
5.8 The Trader acknowledges that the Organiser is not responsible nor holds any liability for any
financial losses incurred by the Trader, or for any loss or damage of equipment, goods or personal belongings, or personal injury of employees working for or connected to them.
5.9 No damage to the Venue, beyond normal wear and tear, is acceptable. The disposal of boiling water, oils, brines etc at the Venue is strictly forbidden. Any damage will incur a repair charge.


6.1 The Organiser will arrange 24 hour security to operate across the Venue from 8pm on the Friday immediately before the event, until 9am Monday immediately after the event but Traders are responsible for the safety and security of their stock, vehicles and pitch. The Organiser accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to Traders' equipment, merchandise, vehicles or personal belongings.


7.1 Access to the Venue:
7.2 Traders will be issued with passes only in respect of vehicles.
7.3 For setting up, restocking and clearance only Traders may bring service vehicles right up to their stands, subject to location, weather and ground conditions.
7.4 Traders may be permitted to park vehicles on site, if space available. Otherwise service vehicles will need to be removed to a car park except during the Setting Up, Restocking and Breakdown times outlined in clauses above.
7.5 Vehicle passes must be visible.
7.6 Access from the designated Trader car park to the main road and vehicle movement on site
during the Event’s opening hours will be restricted to emergencies only and all moving vehicles
must be escorted by a steward. Please follow the Organiser’s instructions on the day and unload and vacate the Event site as quickly and considerately as possible.
7.7 If a vehicle is absolutely essential to the functioning of a Trader’s stand this should be discussed and agreed before filling out the application form.
7.8 Further instructions regarding vehicle movement will be provided with set up information.


8.1 Traders selling food products are reminded of their responsibilities under the Health and Safety Acts, Food Safety Act, Electricity at Work Act and trading standards law. It is the responsibility of Traders and their staff to ensure that they comply with all statutory requirements regarding hygiene, safety, labelling and weights and measures. Copies of relevant Hygiene Certificates should be included with application forms.
8.2 All electrical equipment must have been tested for electrical safety by a competent person within the last twelve months and be clearly marked with the test results. Traders will not be permitted to use or connect any equipment that is either deemed unsuitable by the Organiser or does not carry a recent PAT (Portable Appliance Test) certificate or sticker. A current Test Certificate may be requested.
8.3 Caterers must ensure any gas appliances are properly certified.
8.4 There is a water supply on site but Traders will need to make provision for transporting water from the standpipe to their pitch.


9.1 Traders must use the recycling facilities available.
9.2 All recyclable and non-recyclable waste is to be separated and sorted as follows:
9.2.1 Paper/cardboard: any plastic wrapping or bandings should be removed and the
paper/cardboard separated from other rubbish, broken down into manageable sizes and
neatly stacked to the front of stands at the end of each day. Do not put in plastic sacks.
9.2.2 Plastic bottles.
9.2.3 Glass.
9.2.4 Other rubbish must be in sealed plastic sacks of sufficient strength not to burst on
9.3 The Organiser does not provide dustbins for stallholders. Traders who expect to generate a
lot of rubbish should provide their own receptacles.


10.1 The Organiser reserves the right to reduce or curtail any excess noise created by a Trader if it is deemed to be affecting other traders or Event activities. PA systems are not allowed on
any stall.


Dogs are permitted at the Event provided they remain on a short leash.


Due to the smoking ban it is illegal to smoke in any public space that is enclosed or undercover
(this includes marquees and similar structures).

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